ZMA Basic

Viternas ZMA Basic is, as the name suggests, a simple Zinc and Magnesium product with added B6. We have chosen to make this product for those who want to dose their own ZMA or add their own dose of GABA for example. Of course, we have not compromised on the quality of our raw materials. We have the best forms of Magnesium and Zinc in the product.

Combine with GABA for better effect.

• 3 varieties of Magnesium

• Zinc can contribute to:
  1. Better nails, skin and hair
  2. Normal immune system
  3. Maintain normal testosterone levels and protein synthesis
• Vitamin B6
• Improves sleep
• Improves recovery

Magnesium (Bisglycinat, citrat, oxid)300 mg
Zinc (Citrat) 20 mg
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxin)9 mg