Hardcore Mass Gainer

Viterna Gainer is a well-developed gainer with a whopping 1300 kcal in a full serving with one of the market's highest protein content and lowest sugar content. The product is enriched with vitamins and minerals as well as digestive enzymes to be extra kind to the stomach.

Mass gainer is perfect for those who want to gain weight or want a very stable snack or meal on the go.

Näringsinnehåll per / Nutritional values per / Sisällys per100g320g
Energi / Energy / Energiaa1727(kJ)
Fett/ Fat / Rasvaa8g25,6g
- Varav mättat fett / of wich saturated fat / Josta tyydyttynyttä6g19,2g
Kolhydrater / Carbohydrates / Hiilihydraatit50g160g
- Varav sockerarter /Of wich sugars / Josta sokereita6g19,2g
Fiber / Kuiti2,51g8g
Protein / Protein /Proteiinia34g108g
Salt / Salt /Suolaa0,07g0,2g

Vitamins och minerals per100 gr320 gr
Vitamin C40 mg128 mg
Zink5 mg16 mg
Iron7 mg22,4 mg
Vitamin E6 mg19,2 mg
Vitamin B38 mg25,6 mg
Manganese1 mg3,2 mg
Iodine25 μg80 µg
Copper0,17 mg0,54 mg
Pantothenic Acid3 mg9,6 mg
Selenium27,5 μg88 µg
Vitamin D32,5 μg8 µg
Vitamin B60,7 mg2,2 mg
Riboflavin0,7 mg2,2 mg
Thiamine0,65 mg2 mg
Vitamin A400 μg1280 µg
Folic Acid100 μg320 µg
Chromium20 μg64 µg
Biotin25 μg80 µg
Vitamin B121,25 μg4 µg